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. >> the president thought it was important to visit the united states and look for answers to greece's economic collapse. >> our committees are dependent on one another. what happens in europe affects the u.s. and vice-versa. >> this will be the largest gathering ever at camp david. the meeting becomes before the nato summit to come sunday in chicago, focusing in afghanistan. anti-global zation activists and occupy wall street protesters have taken to the streets expressing their displeasure at the world's most powerful leaders. >> jennifer johnson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> and there is somewhat good news. unemployment in the u.s. 37 states saw a drop in the jobless rate. rates rose to 5%. jobs slowered in pace in july and august. nevada had the highest unemployment rate followed by rhode island and california. >> it was one of the most anticipated i.p.o.'s in history, but facebook ended on a flat note with the stock trading at 38.23, up 28 cents from its pricing thursday night. don't feel too bad. the company is now worth $105 billion. that's more than amazon, mcdonald's, and h.p. chris palone has
is a united states marine at pensacola naval air station. i missed a big part of his life, so i'm anxious. i'm anxious. >> it looks like you are tearing up. >> family is tough. family is really tough. >> do you tear up because you will not be doing this anymore? >> i tear up because i miss that. i did this. they were along for the ride. but, you know, this really was my thing, my career and my pursuit and my love for 31 years. i asked them to do a lot. >> as commissioner, bealefeld presided over a significant drop in the city's homicide. also the dark side of policing in baltimore. cases of corruption, scandal, and police misconduct. he named no names today, but get ready for more news soon. >> don't put your microphones or pens down. there will be more cases, and more cases soon about corrupt police officers. it's never been a surprise to me that we hunted these guys down. always disappointing. always disappointing. >> beem felled said he's most proud of changing the strategy of his predecessor and reducing the number of arrests. among his biggest frustrations, the reluctance of the public
, his family will be in the bleachers tuesday watching kevin receive his diploma from the united states naval academy. >> i have not been as proud of devin as i have in the last 12 months. -- of kevin as i have in the last 12 months. when the chips are down and life is tough, you see the two qualities of an individual. >> he will graduate alongside his friends. he will not become a navy seal, but he has new plans to go to law school. >> just having a tolerance and for adversity and uncertainty is helpful in any walk of life. i think i will benefit from this experience in some ways. >> can plans to take the test in june. he hopes to eventually work for the government. wbal-tv 11 news. >> 75 degrees on tv hill. could excessive texting be harmful? the problems that can be caused from too much texting. >> ok. this holiday weekend, take some time to get your garden ready for summer. that is >> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> we will see a little less cloudiness today. still, a lot of timidity in the atmosphere. and, there is some weather going on in the great lakes.
the united states naval academy. >> i don't think i have been as proud of kevin as i have in the last several months to see just really the inner har core of him. >> when the chip rs down and life is stuff, you see the true qualities of an individual. >> i will graduate along side the friends that saved his life. he won't be able to become a navy seal, but he has plans to go to law school. >> i think just having a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty is helpful in any walk of life. >> kevin will take the lsats in june and hopes to eventually work for the government. >> coming up -- >> a former high school football standout exonerated. how his sentence was overturned in a rain case. that's when "11 news saturday morning" continues. stay with us mple >> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning". >> we have seep a lot of clouds. is it has been very humid. this is the first big weekend going into the summer season. this morning we have clear skies at least trarle shaking the clouds. there is a cool front off to our north. i'm giving you the wide radar imaginary here. we're having a little pro
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)